Matthias Bublath is a pianist, organist and composer. He has performed worldwide at various festivals and events such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Kora Awards (Johannesburg ,South Africa), the Kennedy Center Of The Performing Arts ( Washington, USA) and toured throughout Japan. Among other things, he lived as a freelance musician in New York City for over seven years and established himself as one of the city's most versatile keyboardists, performing in a wide variety of projects ranging from jazz, blues, funk and gospel to Latin American rhythms. In addition to piano and keyboard, Matthias is a specialist on the Hammond B3 organ, and works with an organ trio as well as various other organ projects.
He has released thirteen CD's under his own name and presents a diverse program ranging from his award winning Eight Cylinder Bigband to small instrumentations such as duos, trios or even solo piano.